forest management

Commercial forestry is a sustainable real asset that both diversifies an
investment portfolio and underlying land value growth opportunity.

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Why invest in Profit Eos?

Our forestry investments consist of the ownership of commercial timber grown and harvested in a sustainable manner by our forest management engineers.

Profit Eos has proven an attractive asset for long-term investors looking for portfolio diversification, as we provide the opportunity to benefit from both sources, the value of the growing commodity and last but not least, the ownership of the underlying land.

You probably heard the popular adage "Money doesn't grow on trees", and you will probably disagree after your first payment. Investing in timber can be a great operation for investor looking for high returns and for complimentary asset to stocks or hedge funds.

How can I invest in Profit Eos?

We developped an easy-to-use web interface, allowing you to invest with absolutly zero knowledge about timberlands and forests management. Create an account, deposit to our only plan (we told you we're making this easy!) and enjoy your daily profits.

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By completing and signing this form you grant Profit Eos a permission to act on your behalf in the acquisition of forestry or renewable properties.

how does makes profit?

Profit Eos LTD currently manages nearly 90,000 hectares of forests on behalf of private investor and hedge funds. Following the acquisition of forest in many Europe's country in 2013, we became one of the largest commercial timber manager, allowing us to provide strong, but sustainable return to our investors.

We provide a referral program, allowing you to refer unlimited members
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